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Tobacco Field

Sweetsmoke, David Fuller's first novel, is bittersweet. The beauty in this book lies in the writing. Fuller(‘s) people, places and plot turns shine as vividly here as they would on the big screen. He creates characters complex enough for readers to pity, detest and, in some cases, even admire all at the same time.

            -USA Today, Dennis Moore

I am beyond impressed with the novel. I am ecstatic over it. Initially, I had my doubts about the realism of the storyline. Fuller made a believer out of me. The novel does not only contain a solid murder mystery, it serves as an excellent Civil War novel. Sweetsmoke is incredible. I loved it.

           -Thumper, African American Literature Book Group

"Fuller works hard to give us a mid-19th-century world that feels authentic, from small details (Cassius uses Lucifer friction matches to light his cigars) to the larger sprawl of the plantation ... Some of the novel's most effective scenes are based in strong action, from the vicious hobbling of a captured runaway slave to Cassius' sojourn in a safe house on the Underground Railroad ... captivating."

           -The New York Times Book Review

“Sweetsmoke” … is a suspenseful novel rich in period detail. Life in the slave quarters goes on with its daily round of brutal indignities, which Fuller portrays in compelling detail. The plot unfolds at a brisk pace, and Fuller does an especially good job with the battle scenes. Cassius … grows steadily in understanding as he faces more risks, and his growth as a character is the novel’s greatest strength. “Sweetsmoke” is a well-imagined and researched novel of survival and courage.

           -The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Cassius strides like a colossus through this novel, like one of the great Shakespearean protagonists. When we are alone with Cassius, deep in his mind as in a soliloquy, the book finds its greatest power. He is a true hero.

           -Stephanie Cowell, author of MARRYING MOZART and NICHOLAS COOKE